Without Rimba Raya, the future of the forests of Indonesia looks grim.

The current outlook for wildlife and ecosystems across the world is unfortunately quite a grim specter. The reality of the situation that we face is that the world has fallen prey to corporations and energy businesses that are looking to utilize the planet’s every resource in any way possible, even if it means destroying precious areas of the earth with potential harmful consequences. After all, these companies http://www.rimbarayareserve.com/fail to acknowledge the big picture. The reality of the situation is that they see their bottom line, their dollar value, and they decide to put this ahead of the welfare of the planet. The consequence of this attitude has been massive deforestation, destroying ecosystems and reducing habits for millions of species. Not only this, but the consequences of their actions have terrible impacts for humans as well. The carbon rich forests of Indonesia cannot afford to slashed and burned; the action of doing this has caused these forests, once a powerful tool against greenhouse emissions, to become one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. With unprecedented levels of deforestation destroying the forests of Indonesia, Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve could not be a more important asset to our world. Indeed, their model and pathway towards taking better care of the ecosystem they are a part of is nothing short of revolutionary, although the model is quite straightforward. The reason why so many people get caught in the terrible cycle of participating in deforestation is because of their personal economic situation. Just as people who work in natural gas in the Appalachian mountains of the United States know that their work is poisoning them but face poverty without this income, so do the indigenous people of Indonesia understand that deforestation is devastating their home ecosystem. However, the economic drivers in these issues are strong, and if you are forced to choose between feeding your family or cutting down a tree, it is clear which option will be chosen.

This is truly what makes Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve such an important asset in Indonesia. They are instead providing economic alternatives to the devastation of the local ecosystem in Borneo. The reserve itself is massive and spans a space of land almost the size of Singapore. It is also currently the world’s largest REDD (reduced emissions from avoided deforestation and degradation) project. Their goals are straightforward. Rimba Raya seeks to end deforestation as well as promote the conservation of local wildlife while simultaneously providing economically viable solutions to deforestation. They are able to do so by selling carbon credits based on this carbon rich forest. Thanks to action steps like these, the reserve has been able to become a safe haven for over a thousand plant and animal species, as this is one of the most highly endangered ecosystems on the planet. They have been especially important in protecting the Bornean Orangutan which has suffered a 95% population lost over the last one hundred years. Thanks to Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve, positive changes are being made in the fight against deforestation in Indonesia!

I Found An Ideal Shared Workspace To Begin Building My Small Business

shared office spaceStarting a small business can be exciting and frustrating all at once, especially with a new baby in the mix.  My family is slowly growing while I am simultaneously building my own business to support it and before now, I had a quiet space at home to work on such things.  I love my family immensely, but they sure can make it difficult to concentrate during the day.  Once the baby came and my wife was staying home during her maternity leave I needed to find an office space that was affordable and flexible for my ever-changing schedule.

As I was slowly gaining clients and getting my new business name out there, I needed a quiet space where I could make phone calls and attend to filing on the computer without distractions.  I was elated to find out that there are companies out there that provide office spaces for companies and workers with flexible schedules.  With just such a company, I was able to rent desk space in a shared work environment that had the best of both worlds.  By the best of both worlds, I mean that this shared space had conference rooms, individual lockable desks, group work spaces, and private nooks and phone booths.  With all of these options, everyone working has access to their preferred work environment.

The company that I rented office space from offered a few different types of memberships that ranged in office access and amenities.  Because I only needed some space a few days a week, I opted for the membership that gave me a locked desk that resided in a larger work space.  But if my needs ever change, there are different memberships that range in price and access.  Hopefully as my business grows I will need a full work area for multiple employees with an added perk of a beautiful view.  On the other hand, if I gain more private space at home I can downgrade my membership to one that allows me access to shared work spaces and phone booths during work hours.

With a shared office space, business owners can save money on rental or building space at a time when they need to save the most.  Utilizing the space with others who share the same work ethic and drive can save on rental fees as well as add to creative inspiration.  And in addition to the saving of money and of extra space, the cooperative spaces that are featured by such companies are now becoming the norm.  These shared spaces are modeled after companies like Google and Apple, where productive spaces are created with colorful and inspiring art and the ability to bounce new ideas off other coworkers.

Although I love my new and growing family, I also love to have a little bit of quiet while working.  Thankfully I have found a spot that rents space that is flexible and affordable for an individual who is just beginning.  Plus the atmosphere has worked wonders for my motivation and creative inspiration.

For Those Lucky Enough to Live Near a Rodgers Awnings Location, It is Clearly the Best Choice for Awning Installation.

awning installationThere truly is nothing better than spending some time enjoying some fresh air.  That being said, oftentimes fresh air is accompanied by bugs, too much sun and heat, and rain and other forms of precipitation.  Because of those factors, it is sometimes nice to be able to enjoy nature from within the protection of a porch, patio, or other outdoor seating area.  In order for these to offer any protection against the elements, though, you need to have an awning.  Awnings are a fairly simple addition, but they can make a huge amount of difference, when it comes to enjoying your porch or patio.  Of course, there is no point investing in awnings, if you are not going to make sure you are getting the best possible quality and service.  In order to be sure of this, you must do some research, on the best awning installation companies, in your city, town, or region.  For those lucky enough to live near a Rodgers Awnings location, it is clearly the best choice for awning installation.

Though it is easy to think that awnings are a simple and fairly insignificant aspect of a building, it is actually quite unpleasant to deal with not having awnings or having inferior awnings.  After all, there a lot of days in the summer that are far too hot to enjoy, without a nice large patch of shade.  Plus, there are almost as many rainy days in the spring, which make enjoying the day just as difficult.  Furthermore, when it comes to awnings, having a poorly installed one is tantamount to not having one, at all.  That is to say, if you are going to get one, get a good one.  Beyond just the quality, though, there is a great deal of variation, when it comes to awnings.  That means that you must think thoroughly, before you determine what kind of awnings you are going to install on your property.  One of the first deciding factors is where you are installing it.  If you merely want awnings to go above your windows, you typically will not need the to be as large.  On the other hand, if you need to cover a large patio or porch, you will need a very large awning.

One of the most innovative and useful features that a lot of awnings today have is the fact that they are retractable.  Retractable awnings are very useful, insofar, as they can be removed, at a moments notice.  In essence, retractable awnings are much like convertibles, as you can pick and choose what your building or patio will look like, depending on the weather you are anticipating.  Also like a convertible, it is best to get the type of retractable awnings that can be deployed and taken down, automatically, rather than manually.  This saves you time and stress.  Retractable awnings are aesthetically-pleasing, as well as extremely useful.  In fact, Rodgers even offers custom retractable awnings, so you can even pick and choose the exact aesthetic features.

Making your shaving days a thing of the past

Today there are modern technologies that really lend a hand to even the simplest things that we deal with on a daily basis. Being able to reduce the amount of shaving time needed can also be one of those things it can greatly reduce what you have to take care of in a day it can be really annoying in for many people it can even be frustrating to be a will to deal with a razor and how it does against her skin. We don’t react well and can be very hard to use a regular razor.

Today there is a laser hair removal I can make a great difference in the ability the being able to get rid of the hair without having to shave all of the time. tattoo removal But being able to use laser hair removal you were able to get the hair removal down without having to get frustrated often with shaving all the time. Reduce the amount of shaving you need done by being able to use laser hair removal two and get it out and off. Lasers of become quite amazing these days and are offering many different types of treatments for many people. You can even use lasers to remove tattoos. Tattoos removal is easy to do with a professional know how to use lasers today. Rocky Mountain laser experts at being able to remove hair and tattoos and other imperfections that we often find out our bodies. Being able to remove hair and other problems and situations that we have anybody’s can really benefit to our overall feeling better bodies and our hair. Being able to have precision that can knock out a tattoo that may have some things on it or not appropriate for work or for whatever the reason may be being able to reduce the ability of someone being able to see something it may be a nuisance or something you regret having put on your body may lead you to need laser tattoo removal. This can greatly help you when you have a tattoo and a spot in which you do not wanted to be or old boyfriends name that probably shouldn’t be there anymore.

Whatever it may be lasers are the perfect way in which tattoos can be removed from the body. Lasers are very advanced today and are able to get you that precision look that you’re looking forward to body. Whether it is unsightly tattoos whether it is laser hair removal or even looking to knock out a spider vein here and there for you can all be done with the precision of Rocky Mountain and lasers. This will allow you to finally get rid of the things in which you do not want to see anybody anymore whatever they may be that will help you to feel comfortable and feel more positive about your body can never before. Check in with Rocky Mountain laser and see exactly what they can do for you. You might be surprised at what they can do in their ability to do hair removal as well as remove of tattoos.

Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry is a Timeless Gift for Anyone

If you’re looking for the perfect place to find a gift for anyone, the local and handcrafted jewelry stores are the best.  Each little store like this has the best gifts because they are all unique and handmade, making them the most long lasting jewelry of its kind.

Handmade sterling silver jewelry has become a timeless addition to anyone’s collection.  In the form of necklaces, sterling with the addition of rhinestones or diamonds creates an elegant look that can be paired with an evening gown or a t-shirt and jeans.  Necklaces from individually owned businesses are never the same as what you can find in department stores.  Each one is individually created and cared for by the designer and jeweler, and you can feel that when you obtain such a piece.

In the form of bracelets, handcrafted jewelry accents any outfit or setting.  The specially crafted clasps and wires can be formed to fit your wrist perfectly and therefore will always be unique to you.  They come in strands of opal, pearl, coral, aquamarine, crystal, jade, and more.  Along the same lines, handcrafted earrings also accent each outfit beautifully.  In any instance where a gift is warranted, a piece of handcrafted and unique jewelry means a little bit more because it would be specially chosen for an individual.

sterling silver jewelryIf none of those work for you, locally owned jewelry stores always offer extras like pendants, brooches, pins, rings, watches, or even belt buckles.  And with that being said, unique jewelry like this doesn’t only have to be for women.  Men can also appreciate bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches, and especially belt buckles.  And seeing the look of happiness on someone’s face when they see that they have received a gift that is truly unique and chosen especially for them, it will be worth the satisfaction of your search.  It can be difficult to walk into a handmade jewelry store and only choose just one thing.

I think that of all the pieces made, the rings in handmade jewelry stores are the most unique.  They can be shaped to your fingers perfectly, much like the bracelets, but the fit and style of a ring is more intimate for some reason.  The sterling silver designs are beautifully adapted and integrated with stones and gems.  The silver can curve around the finger in separate designs or along with pearls, opals, or amethysts.  They can be fashioned as wedding bands, anniversary rings, or just decorative everyday pieces.

I know that every time the holidays come around I am hoping that I can find something unique and meaningful for each of my family members.  All year I browse gift shops and department stores trying to get ideas, when the best idea is always to visit a handcrafted jewelry store  When you browse in one of them, you can be guaranteed to find something unique as well as crafted of the highest quality.  And if you’re feeling worthy, you can also find something special for yourself that you truly know you won’t find being worn by someone else.

Go with the company that has Hunter Douglas blinds, shades and shutters.

I spoke with a man the other day who was redoing his apartment. This was actually a series of conversations in which the first time we spoke he felt incredibly overwhelmed in blindsknowing where to start in getting his place the way he wanted. “My room mate just moved out and I decided to stop renting out the second room and create a guest bedroom for when my family comes into town. Unfortunately I have no idea where to start.” I empathized with him because the prospect of redoing my own apartment felt overwhelming and intense. He decided he was going to start just by googling home decoration businesses and just see what would come up.

The next time I saw him he was really excited because he had found a business that was a one stop shop for all of his home decorating needs. “They have custom blinds, shades and shutters, area rugs and all sorts of other things that I will need to get my home looking up to par so my mom won’t come in and immediately shake her head at my very apparent bachelor’s pad.” I laughed to myself thinking I had certainly seen a similar look on my mother’s face when she saw my own bachelorette pad. He seemed so excited about the process of getting his space the way that he wanted it that I felt compelled to give my own home a makeover.

The final time that I saw this man he told me that the key to doing a home makeover is to find a store that is locally owned and that is a one stop shop for everything that you need to get. That way you can cut out a thousand trips and then the store will recognize you and remember the process you are going through and the look you are going for. That made a lot of sense to me and I made a mental note to do that exact thing when it came time for me to make over my home. He said that the place he chose had an awesome selection of Hunter Douglas window treatments as well. “What is Hunter Douglas?” I asked timidly, should I know this off hand?

“Hunter Douglas is a brand of blinds, shades and shutters that is the most respected and well known of all brands of window treatments. When people are getting new blinds, shades or shutters for their home they know to look for a company that sells Hunter Douglas products because they will be sure to have more quality products to follow. That is how I knew this company was the right one for me because they have a plethora of Hunter Douglas product to choose from.” He was beaming as he shared all of his new found knowledge with me. He was showing me before and after photos of his home and it was looked absolutely amazing. I know his mother is going to be so thrilled to stay at his house when she comes to visit next time.

Why You Should Choose Anthem Steel

Anthem Steel is a proud American owned company that supplies premium quality buildings. It only uses the top-of-the-line products such as red iron; I-Beam framed buildings, and superior quality, heavy-duty 26 gauge steel.

Regardless whether you are an individual, a business, or an organization, they can customize and specialize buildings to your own specifications. With their years of experience and professional work, they can suggest and provide the details for your rough sketch or idea of what your building is going to be. Wherever you are in the U.S., they have local contractors who can easily meet up and discuss with you on site, to inspect where the building will be set up, and give an estimate for the services.

There is an option online too, on their website, if you are too busy and do not have time to meet their contractors. You can just fill out the building quote form, tell them about the project you want to work on, and they get back to you within 24-hours. It is free and you are not obligated to anything – be it you continue working with them or not.

What makes them confident in their products and services?

First, their customers come first. That is the reason why they have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau. They have a strong positive feedback from their past clients and poured their support and testimony on their website. They see to it and the customer’s need has been met. They go the extra mile in servicing their clients: for people who do not know about buildings, they educate them on their options and suggest to them what would be best for their needs; for people who are very detailed in their plans, they exceptionally carry out their wishes to perfection. They assign a special person in their headquarters that will be in charge in the whole process – a Project Coordinator. He/She will be the go-to person of your architect, your general contractor or of yourself.

Second, their buildings are tough. Produced and made here in the U.S., they only use commercial grade materials that would last several decades. Their solid and vigorously molded red iron for I-Beam frames for metal buildings and premium grade high yield steel for steel buildings are the best and the toughest in the country. Although these are strong and tough materials, they built them simply and in such a way that it goes up fast in less time than a conventional one. They are strongly positive of their material that is why they provide a fifty-year structural warranty – at no additional cost. This has been unmatched in this industry.

Third, they help you save on money and time. Because of their purchasing power and as a fast growing company, they can help you spend less on our pre-engineered buildings. They can buy premium-grade materials at a cheaper price as they get them in bulk. They do have plenty of new and returning customers satisfied with their services, contributing greatly to your savings. And as time is of great value, their bolt-together construction takes only half the time usually required in building traditional ones. It is easy to build, even novices can do it.

Anthem Steel. If you can dream it, they can build it!

Beginners Financial Tips from Marty Erzinger

Managing your finances is a very important part of everyone’s life.  One might think that money management only applies to businesses that are constantly earning and spending their finances in the business realm.  The simple act of allocating money on expenditures within the month is already considered as money management.

According to Marty Erzinger, one doesn’t need to be a financial advisor in order to efficiently handle their finances.

Marty Erzinger

handling your money

Everyone can improve their money management skills by constantly learning from experience and by following these set of rules:

Always make a list of the things that you needed to buy.  It is necessary that one must plan on how to spend the money that he has.  The list will serve as a guide for you to avoid useless purchases and guide you of the things that is needed.  This way, you can avoid wasting your time, energy, and money in cases where items were being forgotten and you have to go back to the store.  Additionally, the effectiveness of this tip greatly depends on the buyer’s commitment to follow the items being listed on the list.

Spend less time on things that triggers unnecessary spending. According to Marty Erzinger, the best way to avoid unnecessary expenditure is to keep away from the marketing medium that companies use to trigger your buying impulses. Two of the best media is the television and the social media.  By spending less time on them, you save yourself from being exposed to advertisements designed to make you buy things and spend your money.

Remind yourself of the 30-day money saving rule.  The rule states that if one must buy something that is not in the budget list, one must wait for 30 days before buying the item.  This is helpful in order to give you ample time to save on the item and to provide you enough time to think if you really want to buy the unnecessary item or not.

Avoid handling of cash for your monthly recurring fees.  One of the tips of Marty Erzinger is to automate your payment system for your monthly bills if possible. This is becoming very popular nowadays and it saves you a lot of time and energy from standing on long lines of people just to pay your bills.  Additionally, it also saves you on gas cost thus sparing you from spending additional money on your transportation.

Always reuse and recycle.  It is advisable to reuse and recycle household and personal items that can still be used instead of buying a new one.  Not only that you can help save the planet from excess garbage, you can also save a lot of money by choosing to repair minor damages on your appliances and furniture.

Lastly, reward yourself after meeting your short-term financial goals.   The most important tip that Marty Erzinger highlighted is to give yourself a reward after meeting a weekly or monthly goal.  Having an incentive gives you more motivation to continue with your current money saving efforts and challenges you to engage in a higher form of management in the future.  More importantly, it puts more value on the purchases that you make as you view them as achievements rather than ordinary expenses.

Why Have a Responsive Real Estate Web Design

More and more companies are now conducting real estate marketing online. During the initial days of the internet, websites were then static. That is you go to a page and you would see the text or image that a company or individual has put in that site. More and more people however are opting to use their smart phones when looking at sites on the web. This is because it is easier to carry and you can go to the web even outside the comforts of your home.

real estate marketing


As the term implies, a static real estate web design would be no good in the age of smart phones. What will happen is that when people visit your site, it will either load very slowly or it will be in a different format destroying all the wonderful things you have painstakingly included in the website. A responsive real estate web design is a way of making websites that enhances customer experience.  Thus not only is your site easy to navigate but ultimately pleasing to the eyes. Pleasing because when customers access your site through their smart phones, the website automatically resizes to how large the screen being used is. If your real estate web design was static, what customers would see would just be part of the website. They will not be sure if it is the top, middle or bottom part. They would have to scroll down or pan the screen in order to navigate through your site. When you force people to scroll down for a long period of time they will eventually get bored and decide to visit another page.

This is also true for websites that have heavy content. Whereas real estate SEO will increase the rank of your site ranking in search engines, once they go to your site they would have trouble reading what it is you want to share. Since it is static, then small fonts in the site would become further small. What some companies do to avoid this issue is to have at least two websites. One can be viewed easily through your PC’s browser while the second website is built solely for use by smart phone users.

Studies have shown that more than 65% of customers say that if website is responsive and mobile-friendly then they are highly likely to become your future clients. A company that uses two different websites is actually operating inefficiently. Why would you have two when one should be enough? This is where having a responsive real estate web design in handy.

Another advantage is that we know a real estate company is likely to put quite a number of pictures or images on its site. However a static design will mean that customers will be unable to view the image in their smart phones. A responsive one will be able to adapt to the needs of the potential clients.  What would be the point of having a picture on your site yet the customer can only view a part of it. This alone can make you lose customers. So to further your business be sure to have a responsive site for your real estate marketing.



What makes a patriot? Is it the willingness to do whatever it takes for your country, no matter what the cost, isn’t that what makes a patriot? My country called and I answered the call. I never asked when or how or why, I just stood up and got dressed and walked right out the door and down to the recording studio and started pumping out the royalty free patriotic music. I came in with a bag of coffee and a few boys from the neighborhood who believed in this great country, just as much as I did and we spent the next 32 hours recording royalty free music for our country. Hit after hit after hit, we didn’t eat and there were no revisions. We took to our work and the glory and the patriotism where on high, even the studio technician was filled with the spirit of our mission. He asked us what we were going to do with all this amazing glory filled rock and he was a little surprised when we replied that this wasn’t for us, that this one was for Uncle Sam. After that he didn’t take any more coffee or cigarette breaks, he hunched down and he worked through and through with us. He was our like our captain in the trenches.

This is not even the first time we have been called on to produce excellent royalty free music either. The last year, a man came to us from the fold preservation society and asked us if we would lend our hand in producing a royalty free country album for a fund raiser for the local museum, of course we said we would. In fact we produced the number one, royalty free country music track in the south east. People called us up from all over the county to say thank you for our enormous contribution to the preservation of good old American music. Every time I would get a call like that it would make me smile. For me it was not a matter of getting a pat on the back and a smile from the community, for me it was a matter of doing what I love and helping the causes I care so much about.

Everyone helps, or should help their community in some way or another. My boys and I have our calling and that calling is producing easily accessible music for different causes that need us when they just can’t afford music that those big time Hollywood folks are selling. If I had it my way, all music would be royalty free because there are just too many good people out there in this country who are working on great project to make this a better place to live and they simply cannot pay for the music they need again and again and again. To me it makes sense anyway; if I buy a book once, I am going to read it as many times as I see fit, I don’t want to send the author a dollar every time I read his book, which is just crazy. We will be here for a long time, fighting the good fight.


Gluten Free Food Companies: Improving the Taste

Gluten Free FoodsThe originators of gluten free food products had an uphill battle on their hands.  Without the texture and flavor of wheat gluten to ensure the quality of their products, they had to find new ways to guarantee the proper flavor and texture of grain products for gluten free diet options.  In the past decade, the gluten free food selection and quality has improved beyond what I expected, I will admit.  There is now an abundance of delicious gluten free diet options for celiac sufferers and gluten sensitive people everywhere.  The driving force behind the gluten free food trend is an increasing awareness of undiagnosed celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.  It is believed that celiac disease is four times more prevalent today than it was in the 1950s, and as a result, many sufferers are undiagnosed.  As many as 1 in 76 people have celiac disease, yet much fewer have been diagnosed.

Of course, with any diet trend, many people pull the trigger on a problem they do not have.  In a lot of cases, people who do not suffer from celiac or gluten sensitivity can do themselves more harm than good by omitting gluten protein from their diet.  Iron and folate in our diets are largely sourced from gluten-containing products, and many celiac sufferers experience the need for nutritional supplements to ensure their proper health and wellness.  Homeostasis is harder than ever to achieve with all of the strange additives, preservatives and ingredients that now inhabit our once-innocuous food products.  Only continued research into the effects that our strange food science has on our bodies will give us the information necessary to make the properly informed decisions about gluten free foods and future diet trends.


SEO for Growing Businesses

SEOThe world of internet marketing is expanding beyond the original scope of SEO.  Originally, we thought that great organic search engine rankings would carry our online presence to profitability, but where a single-faceted solution was once competitive, now a multi-faceted solution is demanded for any long-term results.  Digital marketing has moved past the standard of obtaining positive search engine rankings for clients.  Now, online marketing has assimiliated facets of full-scale advertising and promotional companies to bring to the table a comprehensive marketing solution that secures your presence and profitability both online and offline.

Every business needs some type of marketing to grow beyond their initial expectations.  Without proper promotional efforts, your business will stagnate, new customers will dwindle, and your reputation will fade into obscurity. To be a successful business in today’s economy, a solidified online presence is vital to your image.  Most consumers are rapidly converting their purchasing habits to reflect the new online commerce that has developed as a byproduct of the internet.

If your business has no presenece in the online commerce world, it is the equivalent of erasing your storefront from the mall.  Any intelligent retailer knows that unless I can purchase their products online, it is not likely they will ever see any of my money.  It is not convenient for me to travel to the store every day when I can schedule people to deliver me the goods I want, so my time can be spent enjoying fulfilling activities as opposed to shopping. As a business owner, it places the ball in your court to satisfy your demographic or risk losing business.  Are you ready to test the waters of online marketing?  They’ve been waiting for you.