Emergency Plumbing Service Can Be A Life Saver On the Weekends

Having a cat has made certain parts of my life pretty interesting.  I often wake up with said creature on top of my head purring, or find him hiding under the kitchen cabinets waiting for me to walk past so he can pounce.  They are such crazy animals sometimes, but I’m glad that I’ve had this cat for a while.  I named him Sammy when he was a little kitten and I think he liked it, so that name stuck.

plumberSammy is very curious, but his curiosity hasn’t killed him yet.  I occasionally curse his curiosity when he creates major problems like causing my toilet to become clogged and overflown.  Recently Sammy was feeding his curiosity in the bathroom.  I am still not completely clear on how this sequence of events happened, so I only retell it with my greatest efforts.  Sometimes I think I have a cat with super powers.  Sammy was walking, or creeping, up on the shelf behind the toilet that holds all of the extra toilet paper.  I’m not sure if he knocked them over, or more likely pushed them over, but about 6 rolls of toilet paper fell into the open toilet and got all nice and soggy.  Not immediately after, but some time later when most of the toilet paper had turned to a state of mush, Sammy flushed the toilet and all of the mush got caught in the pipes.  How he flushed the toilet, I’m not sure.  He hops on things and pulls things all the time, but I had no idea he was so skilled at pushing down the toilet handle.  He has yet to repeat this task as far as I know.

So on a fine Sunday morning I walked into a huge mess in my bathroom, with Sammy nestled innocently in his spot on the back of the couch.  There was an inch of toilet water on the bathroom floor, with toilet paper mush floating everywhere.  The water wouldn’t stop running and it was getting worse by the minute.  Lucky I had saved the number of a local plumber that offered emergency services for just such an occasion.  I called the hotline and someone picked up right away.  There was a plumber at my house to look at the problem within 30 minutes.  In that time the water had slowed down, but it wasn’t draining at all.  The plumber braved the mess in the bathroom to get his tools into the pipes and clear the line.  Water started draining down shortly after, and I was just left with a layer of water on the bathroom floor.  Though the plumber didn’t specialize in water removal he offered me the number of a company that did if I needed a cleaner.  After he finished clearing the line, he was kind enough to help me bucket most of the extra water into the drain and soak up what was left with towels.

I would have been even more angry at Sammy if I weren’t able to find a plumber right away.  He is a magical cat, but his curiosity just might kill him some day soon.

Online retailers have to utilize an inventory management system.

I do not have a lot of experience dealing with inventory issues or anything of that nature because I have not worked in that kind of atmosphere before.  Nevertheless, I do think that it would be very interesting to find out more about how the managers of Amazon do their work.  Regardless of that fact, I do find that I am buying stuff from the internet all the time.  As a result, I am continually checking out ways to save money and deals.  Online retailers tend to have massive deals all of the time.  I guess that I would not include Amazon in that because they tend to have cheap prices all of the time, so any additional discounts would probably make sure that Amazon is operating at a loss.  Nevertheless, I have found that much of what I buy does tend to come from an online retailer.  With that in mind, it is important for those services to keep tabs on what exactly their customers are going to want in the future.  I am personally really interested in finding out how they keep track of what their customers are going to order in the future.

stock management systemEach of the massive online retailers utilizes inventory tracking software as a way to make sure that they do not run out of something customers are going to be ordering in the near future.  That makes sense and I have to imagine that lots of times these softwares can reorder from the supplier.  That is probably the biggest key for an online retailer: having a software that can also manage the supply chain.  Doing so would make sure that all of the products will take care of themselves and that no individual product would run out or be absent because of a human error.  I would be very interested to see how a retailer would operate without something like that.

I think about all of the stories that I hear about Amazon during the holidays.  The employees are working for up to 18 hours on their feet with limited breaks and almost no opportunities for them to actually spend time with their families.  They are also working with a limited hourly pay rate.  However, they will be employed and that is something beneficial during the holidays.  With all of the worker bees running around or so it seems, I think that it is pretty interesting to also think about how they are locating the different products in the massive Amazon centers.  My feeling is that they have some sort of inventory tracking software in which the orders load up on a computer and all sort, allowing for the people to walk in a straight line and just pick up items as they go.  They then go back to the packing center and hand off the products to someone.  That is the most efficient process that I can think of and it would make a ton of sense if that is how it worked without a massive mechanical system.


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Many businesses rely on metal buildings for their shops.

One of the trickiest things when you are starting your own company is finding a store.  (Obviously, if your company is a service-based industry or you are going to be working from home, you might not need an office or a storefront, but that is less common.)  One of the hardest parts of that is finding the right location and price.  It can be easy to find one or the other.  Finding a wonderful store location is pretty easy in just about every city, but the price might be too high until the company is more established.  The opposite is also true.  Finding a cheap store location or office is fairly easy as well, but it might not be in the part of the city that you are looking for.

Fortunately, there are other options available.  You can build your own store.  One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to do this is to purchase a prefabricated steel building.  You can get them ordered to the size you would like and fairly easily find a price that you are comfortable with.  General Steel, a company that supplies steel buildings, will give you a free consultation and estimate and help you see your project through to the finish.  I know that you are probably thinking that you would never use a steel building as a store.  You are probably visualizing a steel building warehouse with a dirt floor and huge, high ceilings.  Fortunately for all of us, not every metal building is a warehouse.  Many of the buildings that General Steel builds are used as stores or offices.

Recently, after having picked up a friend from the airport, we were taking some back roads back to the city to avoid the terrible traffic that is always associated with the airport.  On the way, we passed a store that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  It was a metal building with a wood porch that wrapped all the way around it.  It looked fantastic, and then I noticed that the sign outside the building displayed its name.  It was a store that I had heard a lot about, I knew there was only one because people always complained that they had to drive so far to see it, and it was extremely busy even though it was a Monday morning.  And like I said, it was a steel building.  Don’t let the stereotype of a steel building get in the way of a smart, economically sound decision.

Just like the store I saw, steel buildings are used for all sorts of things, including strip malls.  Steel buildings are used for office spaces as well.  Once the building is in, you can fit it with air conditioning, ventilation, nice looking walls…really anything you would like.  So the next time you are looking hard for a new office space or storefront and you can’t find the exact thing you are looking for, start thinking outside the box.  You can have your very own building without having to worry about the overhead of rent later on.

8 Easy Guides to your Custom Window Coverings

Custom window coverings can lessen energy consumption in your home and they are less expensive than buying new ones.  Without window coverings that are energy-saving, your home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through the windows. Blind Solutions of Colorado makes a big energy savings difference for your home.   You will find more than great custom window coverings at Blind Solutions of Colorado.  May it be redecorating your entire house, shopping for a single window covering or looking for a solution to a new design, you can find it in Blind Solutions of Colorado.  Primp up those windows to make your room more attractive with 10 easy tips.

custom shutters

custom shades

Be Minimal

Replace heavy window coverings with custom shades. With different shades from Blind Solutions of Colorado, you can create the perfect balance of privacy and natural light for your home.


To get the most out of your windows, they have to be adjustable. Depends on the season and time of day, you may want to let in as much light, fresh air, heat and view – or to keep those things from your sight – it has to be adjustable according to your taste, mood or theme.

Pick Modern Colors

Liven up your space with bold, modern colors and patterns that range from orange to blue to every color in between.  You can also mix cotton fabric prints with either a terra cotta shade mixed in with blacks, golds or even greens.  If a room is too small, cool or light colors can make it brighter and larger.  Whereas warm, dark colors can make a room more inviting.

Put Some Texture

Hunter Douglas Blinds offer the dramatic look of custom shades.  Exclusive fabrics, rich textures and a finished look with no exposed cords make these custom blinds a defining fashion statement.  They turn an ordinary room worth of praise for beauty and distinction.

Brighten Up

Natural light in a room is very indispensable.  Pleated custom shades at Blind Solutions of Colorado offer both privacy as well as illuminating the place.

Alleviate Direct Light

Too much direct sunlight is not good.  It makes it hot and unpleasant to work or stay within a particular room.  Simple custom shades can filter and transform sunlight into captivating design statements. It filters the light without looking too heavy.

Consider Curves

There are a lot of straight lines in a specific room, like the kitchen or the living room, with all the cabinets, counters and appliances – either square or straight.  Adding a custom window covering with soft curves can open the space up especially if it’s a small room.

Professional Help

A homeowner may have many ideas in mind but it’s always best to ask help or opinion from an expert when it comes to making alterations in your home.  They’re always there to help you, direct and offer assistance to you.  You may have to pay some extra dollars, but it’s worth it than wasting your money on the wrong choices.  You will find David from Blind Solutions of Colorado eager to extend his full knowledge and expertise to help you put it all together.

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Mudjacking is a great way to level your concrete.

There is much to be said regarding the history of cement, concrete and mudjacking. Cement has played such an integral part of our lives and it has been refined and modified over centuries. Numerous engineers have added and contributed to what we know as concrete. As the use of cement became more widespread and technology came to fruition concrete also began to rise to the occasion. As methods of making concrete were being harvested all over the world the need for cement continued to rise. Some of the greatest buildings we would not know today without concrete: the Pyramids, the Coliseum, cathedrals and more. What happens to this cement years from now? Decades from now? Centuries from now? The Pyramids are still standing strong while the coliseum has deteriorated over the centuries, for many different reasons.

Interestingly enough it seems that ancient cement and concrete and centuries old concrete and concrete seems to have had much better staying and lasting power than does the concrete of today. Just take a look at the Pyramids. Modern concrete is supposed to be more effective and is quite a rigorous process to make but it doesn’t seem to last as long as it did way back in the day. Thus, there is much work that needs to be done on existing concrete. Mudjacking is one such method to fix pesky cement issues. “The method was developed in 1929 by John Poulter of Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Some of the first Mudjacking machines were manufactured by the Koehring Company based in Port Washington, Wisconsin.  The Mudjacking machine was developed over 65 years ago. Concrete slab structures are rigid and durable if properly constructed, and depend largely on their support or base for maximum life and service.  For various reasons, voids sometimes occur beneath or around the slab structure causing slab failure. To alleviate these conditions the Mud-Jack machine was developed.  It is now a time – proven, cost effective means to restoring concrete slabs to proper grade.” Today mudjacking is widely used and offers a much more affordable to replacing cement.

Many concrete companies specialize in the art of leveling concrete using the mudjacking method. It is a fairly simple method but it does requires a professional to do the work. Someone without professional experience is subject to worsening the damage and my cause the concrete to be in need of a complete replace. Stripping out old concrete and putting in new concrete is very costly and  is a much more strenuous process than mudjacking. Most concrete companies would much rather perform mudjacking then a concrete replacement.

If you need to take the mudjacking route then you need a reliable company to perform the service for you. It is a simple procedure but much can go wrong. AAA Concrete Raising in Arvada, Colorado is a small business that has been around for years. The owner, Howard, is an old school guy and believes that anything worth doing is worth doing right. He does fantastic work and you will be happy with his services.

AAA Concrete Raising Company

6116 Russell Court

Arvada CO  80403

(303) 526-2222

Collision repairs bring your car back to life

Bringing your car back to life after a collision is not always possible. Depending on how much damage has been done your insurance may consider it totals rather than having it put back together. But if you do have the opportunity can be well worth it because often times you get more value in the current vehicle and are able to have many things replaced entirely from the collision. Depending on the extent of the damage will depend on all that happens with your auto collision repair. Sometimes it can be simply replacing it panel or two other times it may have gotten into other compartments and mechanical parts of operations in your vehicle.

When it comes to the mechanical parts your vehicle this is where you really want to ensure that you have a good quality auto body shop to be a will to help you out to make sure you were getting good quality and your work. Bing able to have places like auto collision repairs gives you an option to have someone who has expertise and experience working with all different types of vehicles to get your vehicle back to looking new once again. Although auto collision repair may not always be the best answer they can also help you with getting an estimate of what it would take to fix her vehicle. These can be used by your insurance adjuster to make the right same amount for the accident. Smaller repairs like small dent repairs can be done often times in a short amount of time and can be pulled rather than having to replace entire panels. Car dents can vary depending on the type material the car is made of but most car dents can be pulled out and smoothed to look as though they need more never there. Working with an expert mechanic shop can help to hide all the blemishes on your vehicle and bring them looking brand-new once again. If you’ve been involved with a car accident or even a small fender bender or small dent that needs repaired count on auto body shops to get you back on the road again looking like you want your car to always look. This will help ensure that your car holds its value and is able to continually work for you providing you the ability of transportation.

Making your vehicle back to new is what auto body shop professionals are specialist that. auto collision repairThey can take care of everything from small car didn’t repair two large auto collision repair they can help you and know the ways in the tactics to replace repair and get it right. This allows you to get the necessary repairs and regain full trust in your vehicle will work properly and get you to where you need to be. Always ensure they have insurance in these things and not too bad to deal with. Going to the insurance is very risky and could lend you with a very costly repair should anything ever happened. Trust it to professionals always ensure your car is brought properly back to life how you wanted working like it is almost brand-new again.

Men’s toiletries requested for care packages for troops

Growing up, my brother Josh had always been fascinated with the military. When he got to high school he was able to sign up for some of the Junior ROTC activities in the area and he was hooked. care packages for menWe knew when he came home from his first practice raving about the experience that he was going to join the military, and my parents pleaded only that he go to college first. It would give him more experience and a better ranking when he did finally join the active duty military, and he agreed to do so while participating in ROTC on his university campus. It did not take long after he graduated for him to be deployed. He had several camps and training courses to complete and then he was assigned to a base in California. Within months, he was deployed to Central America for eighteen months. My mother worried the whole time, of course, but he was not in a combat zone and was doing mostly humanitarian work, so I do not think she worried as much as she would have otherwise. I know that I did not, and in fact, looked forward to visiting him there when possible.

My parents agreed to visit as well, but in the meantime, I started a campaign with my friends to put together care packages for men who were serving with him, as well as for those who might not have friends and family sending them things. Men’s toiletries, candies, movies, and miscellaneous items such as socks were all in high demand, and we set out to make sure that we could help get items to my brother and his fellow troops serving overseas. It was fun being able to shop together for men who needed our support, as well as put together the guys essential care packages of the most highly requested items. Non perishable foods and snacks that were not available while deployed, along with lots of other items they missed from home were all packaged carefully and shipped off to various names we received from my brother.

Everyone loved the care packages! My brother raved about how well received they were, and thanked me profusely for the effort. I was not in it for the thanks, but wanted to recognize what they were giving up in support of our country and wanted to make sure they knew they were appreciated. He assured me that they loved the care packages and definitely felt appreciated. Knowing that we were thinking of them and regularly putting together care package to send them reinforced his positive attitude about his service. Josh called regularly, and always called when he received one of our packages or when one of his fellow troop members received something from me or my friends. My mother loved it because we were still able to take care of her baby boy, and because every time he got a package he would call home right away. I loved it because there was so little I could do to support him, but I had found at least this one small thing.

Jewelry stores in Denver have some interesting options.

To be totally honest, I have not been to a jewelry store recently.  And my most varied experience in a jewelry store has been abroad.  Nevertheless, I think that our city of Denver has quite a few options and that is largely because of the demographics of the city.  I recently went to a breakfast where I learned that Denver is the top city over the past four years in terms of movement of 24-35 year olds.  More and more of this age group is moving here and that largely comes down to the city’s lifestyle.  People want to live here and they want to do it because of the fact that we value our free time more than anything else.  This is very evident in my job as well.  For example, I have been taking off a lot of time and I am able to do it because of all of the PTO that I get.  I get more PTO than anyone I know outside of work.  And this is a reflection of the city of Denver itself.

jewelry storesThe fact that more and more young people are relocating here means that there are so many options for people and their purchases.  I work in a part of town called the Lower Highlands and there have been a number of new stores to move in and those stores are generally geared toward younger people.  With all of the young people around, many of the local jewelry stores are starting to bring in items that are geared toward that age group. This means that more and more of the young people getting married, here in the city, are going to be able to find some of the most cutting edged trends in the city.  I love that Denver is moving in that direction and I actually know a number of people that will be doing that sort of thing here.

I have a couple of friends on my soccer team that just got engaged.  I have no idea what the engagement ring looks like, but it has a big diamond on it and I am sure that it was expensive. The significance of this is that more younger people are starting to buy these rings and the jewelry stores are those that are setting exactly what the rings should look like.  In my experience, wedding bands tend to be pretty conventional.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  I think that it’s great that young people regardless of their circumstance can celebrate tradition.  My hope is that they can utilize that sort of history in their marriages.  My generation is much more wary of marriage and that comes down to people seeing all of their parents getting divorced.  With that in mind, I think that many more of the people in my generation are going to be dating for longer.  It’s a good thing for my girlfriend and I to keep in mind.  It means that we have a longer term focus.


The future of the plumbing industry

The ease with which we are able to communicate information has become so great that people are learning to do all kinds of new jobs that they were not able to do in the past. This has had an effect on the plumbing industry, forcing the experts to being to move in a different direction than before. Now that tools are easily available at a very low cost from the large box home improvement stores, people are equipped to take on more handy jobs in their own homes than they used to be willing to complete. For the plumbing world, this has meant a drop in the types of small job business that many of us were built on. No longer are we getting calls to fix a leaking faucet or replace the shower head for our customers. People have started to take care of those things on their own. Now, the best way that the plumbing industry has found to stay in business and to thrive are to specialize in the big expensive projects that the general home owner is still unable to take care of on their own. It can be difficult at first to really stock up on the large heavy equipment that is often necessary in order to complete these jobs, but it will be what saves the plumbing industry in the long run. Once the home owner buys their own basin wrench, they are no longer calling to set up an appointment with a plumber to get their faucet repaired or the leak in their kitchen sink fixed, because they are doing it on their own.

What remains, when all the smaller jobs are removed, is the future of the plumbing industry. All the dirty and long term jobs that home owners are unable to take on or unwilling to complete on their own. It can be assured that home owners are not going to be happy to dig up their back yard to fix an aging septic system, or that they are going to be removing and replacing the water pipes in their basements. plumberThey are most likely not going to be fixing or replacing their hot water heaters on their own either, and this is a great area where plumbers can expand their expertise and their services in the future. By specializing in replacing hot water heaters, or just simply completing repairs on them, the plumber can stay busy and successful on just that one job alone. Instead of needing to diversity with the repairs on the shower and sink, learning how to always fix any hot water heater will leave those small jobs to the home owner while also ensuring that we have the ability to successfully complete the larger jobs. This is the future of the plumbing industry, a group of specialists who work on only those larger projects that require a specialist to complete. This frees up the smaller jobs, and ensures that when the plumber is called, it is a job that they are going to be really great at completing.


Designing new solar panels

With the market beginning to open up for solar panels, there are many areas that could use better design of the panels than what exists out there today. For this reason, there have been a lot of designers who are going into solar panel design, trying to ensure that we have the necessary products to fill the void in the market and appeal to all different types of potential customers. There were never many options in the past when it came to solar panel purchases. There was often just one type of panel, and a few different mounting mechanisms that would work to install the panel. But as the needs and wants of the customer base began to change, and as the technology advanced to the point where solar panels became thinner and lighter, the design side of the industry took off. There are almost no uses you can think of for a solar panel that cannot be made possible with a few design changes or tweaks. It is now possible to adhere a solar panel to the roof of your car, or to the sidewalk somewhere. You can put them directly onto your roof, simply by peeling a cover off of the sticky glue type adhering that is on the back of the solar panel. Then they can be stuck to nearly anything. solar panel designThey can be made to bend as the panel itself is now totally pliable. This has enabled the technology to really take off in the marketplace, as many homeowners are purchasing a few panels to try out on their roof or their car.

Car ports, storage units, sheds, and nearly anything else can now begin to collect and utilize solar energy. What used to be a very obvious and large, heavy installation either on the roof or in the back yard is now nearly invisible if you don’t know what to look for. Yet these more modern solar panels are actually much more efficient as well, gleaning more than twice as much solar energy as was possible before. This is due to their increase capacity as well as the increased efficiency of the panels themselves and the wiring and batteries that go along with them. Before, some of that energy was lost, used for the process, or just not able to be captured. The volume that is possible has increased, which makes it easier to use the power that you need and still have solar power left over that can be sent back into the grid for the power company. They will even pay you for the solar power that you send to them, as they use it for their customers. In the end, we are going to continue to make solar panels more appealing to the customer base, as well as more efficient and with a larger capacity. There looks to be no limit to how we can use them and the places that they can be installed. Thanks to the designers who work in this industry, they also look great.

Gluten Free Food Companies: Improving the Taste

Gluten Free FoodsThe originators of gluten free food products had an uphill battle on their hands.  Without the texture and flavor of wheat gluten to ensure the quality of their products, they had to find new ways to guarantee the proper flavor and texture of grain products for gluten free diet options.  In the past decade, the gluten free food selection and quality has improved beyond what I expected, I will admit.  There is now an abundance of delicious gluten free diet options for celiac sufferers and gluten sensitive people everywhere.  The driving force behind the gluten free food trend is an increasing awareness of undiagnosed celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.  It is believed that celiac disease is four times more prevalent today than it was in the 1950s, and as a result, many sufferers are undiagnosed.  As many as 1 in 76 people have celiac disease, yet much fewer have been diagnosed.

Of course, with any diet trend, many people pull the trigger on a problem they do not have.  In a lot of cases, people who do not suffer from celiac or gluten sensitivity can do themselves more harm than good by omitting gluten protein from their diet.  Iron and folate in our diets are largely sourced from gluten-containing products, and many celiac sufferers experience the need for nutritional supplements to ensure their proper health and wellness.  Homeostasis is harder than ever to achieve with all of the strange additives, preservatives and ingredients that now inhabit our once-innocuous food products.  Only continued research into the effects that our strange food science has on our bodies will give us the information necessary to make the properly informed decisions about gluten free foods and future diet trends.


SEO for Growing Businesses

SEOThe world of internet marketing is expanding beyond the original scope of SEO.  Originally, we thought that great organic search engine rankings would carry our online presence to profitability, but where a single-faceted solution was once competitive, now a multi-faceted solution is demanded for any long-term results.  Digital marketing has moved past the standard of obtaining positive search engine rankings for clients.  Now, online marketing has assimiliated facets of full-scale advertising and promotional companies to bring to the table a comprehensive marketing solution that secures your presence and profitability both online and offline.

Every business needs some type of marketing to grow beyond their initial expectations.  Without proper promotional efforts, your business will stagnate, new customers will dwindle, and your reputation will fade into obscurity. To be a successful business in today’s economy, a solidified online presence is vital to your image.  Most consumers are rapidly converting their purchasing habits to reflect the new online commerce that has developed as a byproduct of the internet.

If your business has no presenece in the online commerce world, it is the equivalent of erasing your storefront from the mall.  Any intelligent retailer knows that unless I can purchase their products online, it is not likely they will ever see any of my money.  It is not convenient for me to travel to the store every day when I can schedule people to deliver me the goods I want, so my time can be spent enjoying fulfilling activities as opposed to shopping. As a business owner, it places the ball in your court to satisfy your demographic or risk losing business.  Are you ready to test the waters of online marketing?  They’ve been waiting for you.