The custom blinds that tied the room together.

custom shadesDecorating a new home or office can be an exciting time. There are many decisions that must be made and details to pay attention to before your new space can start to feel like home. Window treatments are one of those details that can make any house feel like a home. The difficulty with window treatments is that there are so many different types and styles, and making a decision can be overwhelming. The first step is to decide if you want blinds, shades, or shutters. Blinds are made up of horizontal slats that are strung together and attached to a pulley system. The individual slats can be rotated up to one hundred and eighty degrees to allow for optimal control over the amount of light that you want to let in to your space. Blinds can also be pulled up or down to expose the window or to cover it almost completely. Shutters are window treatments that are installed in to the frame of the window. Shutters are also made up of horizontal slats; some types of shutters have mobile slats, while others have stationary slats. Shutters can be pulled open to expose the window, or shut to cover the window. Shades are a type of window treatment that are made from a large piece of fabric that can fold or roll in to itself to expose the window or to cover the window. Some shades are made from sheer material, while others are made from a heavier and darker material that allows for more privacy.

Once you have decided between blinds, shades, or shutters, you can start to look at the sub categories of each. There are many different types of blinds, shades, and shutters to choose from. Thankfully there are companies out there, such as Blinds and More Inc. that can help to make your decision easier, and hopefully fun. Blinds and More Inc. has been providing custom blinds, shades, and shutters to the Central Valley area for nearly twenty years. They understand that the extreme weather changes throughout the year in Central Valley can take a toll on your window treatments. Extreme heat during the summer and extreme cold during the winter can cause your window coverings to warp, sag, or even break. That is why Blinds and More Inc. provides only top quality window coverings to ensure that they will last the test of time. Their professional and knowledgable staff can help you to find the perfect window treatments for your home that will fit both your style and your budget.

Blinds and More Inc. also offers custom bedding to add color and texture to your home. Their custom bedding lines have a traditional feel with a signature look to give your home a fresh and unique feel. Additionally, Blinds and More Inc. provides home automation systems for your window treatments. Home automation systems can come in handy for those windows that are in hard to reach place, such as a skylight or foyer. Call Blinds and More Inc. today for a free estimate!

Opticians offers a variety of prescription eye glasses frames and lenses.

prescription sunglassesRegular eye exams are an important part of maintaining your overall health and well being. Even if you are not dealing with vision deficiencies it is important to visit your eye doctor regularly in order to ensure your optical health for the future. Eye exams consist of a number of different tests that help to determine the overall strength of the patient’s vision and their ability to focus on objects. Eye exams can help to determine whether or not a patient is straining to see, meaning that their eyes are working too hard. When a patient is straining to see they can exhaust their optical muscles, which can cause future problems. Straining can also cause other problems, such as headaches and migraines. H. Rubin Opticians is a well respected optometry practice in New Jersey. Doctor Hanion has been practicing optometry for over twenty years and is very skilled in all aspects of fitting lenses. His professional and experienced team wants to ensure that your next eye exam will be pleasant and stress free.

There are many different services provided at H. Rubin Opticians, including general eye exams, cataract testing, glaucoma testing, and children’s eye care services. If Doctor Hanion determines that you are in need of a visual aid such as prescription eye glasses or contact lenses, the team at H. Rubin Opticians can help you to find the eye glasses or contact lenses that best fit your style and budget. There are many options out there for eye glasses frames that range greatly in price and style. Eye glasses are no longer considered to be a nerdy accessory. In fact, many people choose to wear eye glasses without a prescription for fashion purposes alone. Eye glasses frames come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors to ensure that their is an option out there to fit any style. H. Rubin Opticians carries a wide variety of frames for children and adults alike. They always stay up to date on the latest trends in eye wear. If you are looking for a specific kind of frames, call H. Rubin Opticians today to see what they have available in addition to their list online.

Making the choice between prescription eye glasses and contact lenses can be difficult. Some patients feel very uncomfortable at the idea of touching their eye ball, meaning that contact lenses are probably not the best option for them. Other patients have no problems touching their eyes and would do just fine with contact lenses. For patients who are very physically active, contact lenses might make more sense than eye glasses. However, there are eye glasses frames specifically designed for active patients. Some patients choose to alternate between eye glasses and contact lenses depending on their mood. Maybe you are running late one day and do not have time to fuss over your contact lenses so you just throw on your eye glasses instead. Or maybe you typically wear glasses but want to switch up your look by using contacts for a few days instead.

Cannabis rewards app just one of many new industries growing after legalization

Colorado’s economy is doing better than ever, and thriving in a post-recession period of growth and development. There are a number of reasons for this, including a business friendly marijuana dealsclimate that encouraged small businesses to start and other businesses to move to Colorado following the recession. The housing market has turned around and both housing prices and rental prices are at an all time high, indicating that the economy is doing quite well. It is a little more difficult for individuals whose incomes have not kept up with the rising prices but the lowest unemployment rate in years helps them out as well.

Tax revenues are up across the board, and it seems that growth will continue uninterrupted as long as nothing major disrupts it. One of the ways this is seen most clearly is in the marijuana dispensary industry. With legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, store fronts have opened up across the state to sell marijuana to customers. Because it is now being taxed and regulated as any other substance for sale in the state, millions of additional dollars have been collected in tax revenues since the law was implemented. This has other states closely watching what happens in Colorado as well as Washington, in case they are considering looking towards legalization as well.

The legalization of marijuana and the growth of marijuana dispensaries have incubated the growth of a variety of different industries related to selling marijuana. Because it now needs to be regulated and monitored in the same way as other substances such as alcohol, new employees are being hired and trained in regulation of marijuana dispensaries, which is a net job creator for the state. Law enforcement, such as police officers and the court system are free to deal with other, much more pressing legal issues now that they no longer have to enforce marijuana consumption or selling as prohibited.

Among other legal, scientific, and regulatory issues around the legalization of marijuana, all which seem to have positive impacts, comes some of the more interesting new aspects of marijuana dispensaries. Marijuana apps, such as CannaCash, have been created for customers to reach out to dispensaries across the state. By participating in this cannabis rewards program, customers get the latest deals from their favorite dispensaries and can stay up to date on prices and other discounts. This type of weed club also ensures that marijuana retailers have a steady customer base always at the ready, which help spread the word via the loyalty and rewards program offered through the marijuana app. Between social media, the marijuana app, and the internet at large, the cannabis rewards app provides a win-win scenario for all participants.

One other area not mentioned is the rise in tourism in Colorado. Always a top destination spot within the United States, the legalization of recreational marijuana has encouraged even more tourism than usual. Tourists are not allowed to leave the state with it, but they are allowed to purchase and consume within the state boundaries like any resident.

Doctor, family dentist among top things needed when moving to a new city

Moving to a new state, or even a new city within the same state, is a big change for any family. There are so many different things to think about, from selling your current home and dental carebuying a new one to finding the right school for your kids. The housing market itself is tricky enough, but when you add in all of the things you will be leaving behind and need to replace in a new location, it can be downright discouraging. However, do not let that thought get you down. We have compiled a list of the most important things to do when moving to a new location to help you prioritize you and your family’s needs.

Here are a few of the most important things you need to find in your new city as close to right away as possible.

  • Schools: This one almost goes without saying, but is worth repeating just in case. If you have children, figuring out where they are going to school is job number one for any parent. This may or may not depend on where you buy a house or what time of the school year you choose to move, but if it does depend on exactly where you are buying your next new home, see the next bullet point for more information.
  • Housing: Since this typically is zoned depending on where you live, you might need to either temporarily rent or buy something quickly. Some schools will accept students who are living in hotels with their families when a company transfers them, for example, while others will encourage a family to rent something in the area while they are looking to buy. Regardless, every child is guaranteed admission to a public school, so your child will not go without some version of education during the moving process. The housing piece can be made more or less difficult by both the housing market at the time and whether you are looking to buy or rent, as well as whether you had to sell a house when the move occurred.
  • Family doctor: This is a big one that often gets forgotten until someone gets sick, and then a family is in a hurry to find the right primary care doctor or even family dentist for a child with a toothache. Do not underestimate having the right medical professionals available when you need them. Searching for your next family doctor or family dentist ahead of time will allow you to establish a relationship or pick a new one if you decide you do not like them. It will also allow you to transfer medical records so that the doctor or family dentist is not starting from scratch when a child comes in with a tooth ache. Being able to see previous x-rays of teeth and other medical records help all types of medical professionals make better judgment calls and decisions overall, and you want your family to get the best medical care possible.

Willow Creek Dental

9400 Station Street, Suite 175,

Lone Tree, CO 80124

(303) 779-2797 has many different web hosting plans to make your website management simple!

Getting started with web design, purchasing a domain name, and working out all the kinks in a server can be a big work load for a person just starting on the road of web site management. If you are a small business owner who is working to get your business online, then this can be particularly trying, as you have many other things that you need to worry about as you get your business going, let alone being preoccupied by web development! Some people opt to hire people to set up a server and get the process up online, but other people who are just getting started choose the web hosting alternative to make website development simpler. In these cases, you have many different options for the kind of website development that you intend to do. Web hosting in and of itself is a fairly simple agreement: you lease space on another company’s server in order to build up your website without having to deal with all the other issues of managing a server. In a web hosting relationship, you do not have to handle the maintenance and up keep, especially if you are working with a simple website. Instead, you get to focus on the other important details! When you partner with, you know that you will be in capable web hosting hands. The only thing you will need to worry about is deciding which of the web hosting plans will be the best option for you and your company!

The Basic Plan offered by is best for people who are just starting off and really just want a straightforward website option. With the basic plan, you can create one website. With this website, you have 10GB of disk space, 100 GB of bandwidth, and 100 different email accounts. This is especially great if you are working out the details of a new website, whether you are managing a company or working with a personal website. This starter package is inexpensive and gives you the kind of simple flexibility that you will need to get going!

The Namebuilder Plan is a little bit more extensive. This is good for companies that do not want to have a server of their own but do want more flexibility in what they can do with their web presence. You can create 25 websites with this plan, use 100 GB of disk space, 1000 GB of bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. If you get started with the Basic plan, the Namebuilder plan is a great plan to build up to.

Finally, offers a more extensive web hosting option for companies looking for a lot of flexibility. If you are an experienced website guru or someone who really wants to have unlimited capabilities, then the Unbelievable option will get your website dreams off to a running start with unlimited websites, disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts!

Working with makes the entire web hosting process simple. With all of the plans, you have the kind of easy management you need to work on a website through web hosting!

Child therapy is a great option for struggling teens.

psychotherapyTherapy has grown in popularity over the past decade. As more and more people enroll in routine therapy sessions, more and more research and information has developed to help prove its effectiveness. There are many different types of therapy that are specifically designed to help patients who are suffering from a number of mental health issues. From depression and anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder, therapy can be an effective treatment for many different illnesses. In order for therapy to be the most effective it is important that the individual patient finds a therapist that they feel that they can connect with and trust. Sometimes people will visit multiple therapists before they find one that they like and want to work with. Other people are lucky in that they find the right therapist for them after just one or two visits to a certain doctor. Different therapists use different strategies to help their patients cope and improve their overall quality of life. At Kind Therapy in Los Angeles, California there are a number of different services provided for patients dealing with a number of different issues. Below is a list of some of the main therapy services that are offered at Kind Therapy.

1. Individual therapy

Individual therapy can be utilized to deal with a number of different struggles and mental health issues. Many patients will enroll in routine individual therapy sessions in order to deal with the struggles that come along with big life transitions, recovery from traumatic life events, depression, and anxiety. Individual therapy is when one patient and one therapist work together to help the patient improve their life. This type of therapy can be helpful for practically any individual dealing with general mental health issues.

2. Couple’s therapy

Couple’s therapy is when a couple works together with a therapist to help them strengthen their relationship or to help them navigate through a difficult time in their relationship. Many couples will enroll in couple’s therapy in an attempt to prevent a break up or divorce. Other couples may enroll in couple’s therapy after an infidelity in the relationship or major transition in the relationship. Couple’s therapy is a very effective way to maintain or rebuild a healthy relationship and can help the couple to build a stronger emotional connection.

3. Child therapy

Child therapy is a great resource for children and teens who are struggling with a number of different issues. There are many struggles today that kids are faced with that their parents may not be able to understand. Enrolling your child or teen in therapy is a great way to allow them a safe space to speak their mind without fear of getting in trouble or feeling judged. Child therapy is a great option for kids and teens who are dealing with issues of peer pressure, low self-esteem, depression, or body-image issues. Kind Therapy also offers female empowerment groups specifically for girls who are dealing with body-image issues, dating problems, low self-esteem, and other issues that are commonly faced by young women today.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling to bring you home to life

But being able to update your kitchen and your bathroom can really bring your home to life. Often times the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most noticeable places in a home that need updated. As a modern appliances change as well as different features within kitchens bathrooms it becomes obvious that certain styles of gone out and it is time for new ones to come in. When you were having outdated issues going on with your kitchen and bathroom then it’s time for some home remodeling. But being able to do these home-improvements you will be able to see a significant difference in the change within your home just by changing up items within the kitchen and bathroom. When it comes to these types of things you can count on epic home improvements to show you what you need to be able to make these types of things a reality for you.

There are many wonderful things about being able to do a remodel and he can be a big difference in having the right person get a remodel versus somebody that may be an experience and not know what it takes to be able to do a home-improvement nine home remodeling.  When it comes to being able to do these you need somebody who is gifted and being able to be creative at the same time. home remodelingThe finished product is often times we were looking for and having to put it off in the end can be very frustrating for many people. When it comes time to being able to do these types remodeling when the budgets tight often time it’s best to go with the kitchen and bathrooms first. These are crucial areas that often times need attention and by being able to get what you are looking for in great solutions like these you can have hey home become something you can truly show off. There are so many new options out there today and when your pointing to not have a kitchen remodel you’re missing out on so the most convenient options available on the market today.

Being able to have all the different timing and other parts of a home remodel can be very important sure that you get what you’re looking for. Also what being able to do you can be a trendy thing and being able to have professionals involved will help you make the right decisions for what you’re looking for. Putting the home into good working order often times depend on the kitchen in the bathroom to be of the make it a reality. That’s the times if you get these homes just fresh coat of paint can really make a difference in the home. If you had time to be able to go through majority of the List being able to focus on the specific areas of the remodeling will help you make your remodel experiencing go well. Knowing that these things can be moved out safely and you have a great space is able to get where you’re looking four out of your remodel. He can really make a big difference having the right person work for you to be able to get your remodel done right. Use a business like epic home improvements and trust a professional solution to ensure that you get what you’re looking for and that you will be able to truly enjoy the finished product.

From Hunter Douglas shades to flooring you can make your new apartment reflect the new you.

What are some of the things that you may want to consider when moving into a new place?  Well in fact there are a myriad of things that you can do in a fresh new spot. Think of it as a blank canvass that you can create beautiful pieces of art across. When you are move into a new spot you get to start over. The places where you live hold a lot of energy and so Hunter Douglas shadesmoving can create a new beginning for you in a very refreshing way. When moving into a new place you have a lot of options about how you want to decorate. Doing this on your own and with the help of Pinterest can be all well and good but it does us some good to get the help of a company that specializes in home redecoration like Custom Blind and Carpet, Inc. out of Studio City and Tarzana, CA.

There are many different options that open up to us and one of those options are window treatments. This might seem like a simple and last minute thought but really your windows are a big focal point for your house. Finding the right window coverings doesn’t have to be an undertaking especially when you illicit the help of companies like Custom Blind and Carpet, Inc. What’s great about Custom Blind and Carpet is they are also a Hunter Douglas shades, blinds and shutters gallery so you can see what all they have to offer. Hunter Douglas is a widely renowned brand for window coverings. They are exceptional products that marry style with function and they can last a lifetime. Your window coverings are something that everyone will spend time looking at so make a choice that will make you and all of your guests happy.

In your new space you can also decide to go with something different on the floors. Flooring is also something that makes a huge difference in a home. It may not be something people notice right away but it is something that changes the tone of a room. The tone of carpet is such that you feel more comfortable, at east and laid back. There is something warm and inviting about carpet. Then hardwood floor speaks to you about elegance. You could have dinner parties and drink wine on hardwood floors preferably in front of a fire. Reach out to Custom Blind and Carpet, Inc. to find out exactly what kind of flooring will go the best with your new home.

Moving into a new space doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be an opportunity for you to remake yourself. There is something spectacular about redecorating and with the help of Custom Blind and Carpet, Inc. you will be able to find the right Hunter Douglas shutters and the perfect carpet that really speaks to the new you. If you live in the Studio City or Tarzana, CA area than give them a call and go check out their amazing Hunter Douglas gallery today.

Custom Blind & Carpet Inc.

12215 Venutra Blvd.  #105

Studio City, CA 91604


Teaching Thai massage brings as much joy as receiving it.

A woman was recently interviewed on her experience with Thai massage and how that affected her physical, emotional and mental well being. As many people have not heard of Thai massage let’s go ahead and clarify. Thai massage is an incredible thai massage traininghybrid of massage and yoga that opens up your chakras and gets you feel a profound sense of connection to your body that nary another practice can bring about for you. Melinda is the woman who was interviewed. Let’s see what she has to say about her experience with Thai massage.

“Thai massage was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am serious. It brought about this sense of relaxation in my body that I didn’t know was possible. I have tremendous shoulder pain and since I started getting Thai massage it has virtually disappeared. I had been living with that for years. Unless you have chronic pain you don’t understand how hard it is to live with that day to day. I kid you not, I literally wept when I started feeling the pain leave me. It was like a burden was finally lifted off of my body. I didn’t even realize how heavy it was until it was gone and I was pretty aware of the pain.”

After sharing how amazing she felt after her experience with Thai massage she was asked if she would continue on with receiving this kind of massage to keep her healing on going. “Oh yes but now I want to share this gift with others too! I just started Thai massage classes at a local studio that trains new people. I am just so excited to deepen my education! There is something so incredibly about providing this kind of healing for people.”

Melinda was asked what made her the most excited about providing Thai massage classes to people. “There was something so magical and powerful about getting to provide healing to people. The way I felt about getting the healing through the means was just so profound. Learning what it looks like to do this is mind blowing. Being a teacher is a truly incredible experience and I can’t wait to stretch my legs and hopefully bring people healing from all levels.”

Melinda had never done yoga before so she was a little intimidated by going to yoga trainings on top of her training in massage. “I wasn’t sure what to expect. Could I offer yoga to people? What if I wasn’t any good!” But of course Miss Melinda did an excellent job and picked up yoga like a professional. “It’s not nearly as hard as you would think it is. It’s all about being yourself and bringing your own personal flair to your practice and your teaching.”

Melinda is now fully immersed in her Thai massage training and she couldn’t be happier. She is able to provide others with the level of healing that she received. “My life changed and I want to afford others the same opportunity. I am so glad to be blessed in this way.”


Without Rimba Raya, the future of the forests of Indonesia looks grim.

The current outlook for wildlife and ecosystems across the world is unfortunately quite a grim specter. The reality of the situation that we face is that the world has fallen prey to corporations and energy businesses that are looking to utilize the planet’s every resource in any way possible, even if it means destroying precious areas of the earth with potential harmful consequences. After all, these companies to acknowledge the big picture. The reality of the situation is that they see their bottom line, their dollar value, and they decide to put this ahead of the welfare of the planet. The consequence of this attitude has been massive deforestation, destroying ecosystems and reducing habits for millions of species. Not only this, but the consequences of their actions have terrible impacts for humans as well. The carbon rich forests of Indonesia cannot afford to slashed and burned; the action of doing this has caused these forests, once a powerful tool against greenhouse emissions, to become one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. With unprecedented levels of deforestation destroying the forests of Indonesia, Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve could not be a more important asset to our world. Indeed, their model and pathway towards taking better care of the ecosystem they are a part of is nothing short of revolutionary, although the model is quite straightforward. The reason why so many people get caught in the terrible cycle of participating in deforestation is because of their personal economic situation. Just as people who work in natural gas in the Appalachian mountains of the United States know that their work is poisoning them but face poverty without this income, so do the indigenous people of Indonesia understand that deforestation is devastating their home ecosystem. However, the economic drivers in these issues are strong, and if you are forced to choose between feeding your family or cutting down a tree, it is clear which option will be chosen.

This is truly what makes Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve such an important asset in Indonesia. They are instead providing economic alternatives to the devastation of the local ecosystem in Borneo. The reserve itself is massive and spans a space of land almost the size of Singapore. It is also currently the world’s largest REDD (reduced emissions from avoided deforestation and degradation) project. Their goals are straightforward. Rimba Raya seeks to end deforestation as well as promote the conservation of local wildlife while simultaneously providing economically viable solutions to deforestation. They are able to do so by selling carbon credits based on this carbon rich forest. Thanks to action steps like these, the reserve has been able to become a safe haven for over a thousand plant and animal species, as this is one of the most highly endangered ecosystems on the planet. They have been especially important in protecting the Bornean Orangutan which has suffered a 95% population lost over the last one hundred years. Thanks to Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve, positive changes are being made in the fight against deforestation in Indonesia!

Gluten Free Food Companies: Improving the Taste

Gluten Free FoodsThe originators of gluten free food products had an uphill battle on their hands.  Without the texture and flavor of wheat gluten to ensure the quality of their products, they had to find new ways to guarantee the proper flavor and texture of grain products for gluten free diet options.  In the past decade, the gluten free food selection and quality has improved beyond what I expected, I will admit.  There is now an abundance of delicious gluten free diet options for celiac sufferers and gluten sensitive people everywhere.  The driving force behind the gluten free food trend is an increasing awareness of undiagnosed celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.  It is believed that celiac disease is four times more prevalent today than it was in the 1950s, and as a result, many sufferers are undiagnosed.  As many as 1 in 76 people have celiac disease, yet much fewer have been diagnosed.

Of course, with any diet trend, many people pull the trigger on a problem they do not have.  In a lot of cases, people who do not suffer from celiac or gluten sensitivity can do themselves more harm than good by omitting gluten protein from their diet.  Iron and folate in our diets are largely sourced from gluten-containing products, and many celiac sufferers experience the need for nutritional supplements to ensure their proper health and wellness.  Homeostasis is harder than ever to achieve with all of the strange additives, preservatives and ingredients that now inhabit our once-innocuous food products.  Only continued research into the effects that our strange food science has on our bodies will give us the information necessary to make the properly informed decisions about gluten free foods and future diet trends.


SEO for Growing Businesses

SEOThe world of internet marketing is expanding beyond the original scope of SEO.  Originally, we thought that great organic search engine rankings would carry our online presence to profitability, but where a single-faceted solution was once competitive, now a multi-faceted solution is demanded for any long-term results.  Digital marketing has moved past the standard of obtaining positive search engine rankings for clients.  Now, online marketing has assimiliated facets of full-scale advertising and promotional companies to bring to the table a comprehensive marketing solution that secures your presence and profitability both online and offline.

Every business needs some type of marketing to grow beyond their initial expectations.  Without proper promotional efforts, your business will stagnate, new customers will dwindle, and your reputation will fade into obscurity. To be a successful business in today’s economy, a solidified online presence is vital to your image.  Most consumers are rapidly converting their purchasing habits to reflect the new online commerce that has developed as a byproduct of the internet.

If your business has no presenece in the online commerce world, it is the equivalent of erasing your storefront from the mall.  Any intelligent retailer knows that unless I can purchase their products online, it is not likely they will ever see any of my money.  It is not convenient for me to travel to the store every day when I can schedule people to deliver me the goods I want, so my time can be spent enjoying fulfilling activities as opposed to shopping. As a business owner, it places the ball in your court to satisfy your demographic or risk losing business.  Are you ready to test the waters of online marketing?  They’ve been waiting for you.